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San Fermin Spanish course, running of the bulls, Pamplona, (42)

San Fermin Spanish course: Spanish Survival Kit in Pamplona

Iter45 offers a new course for foreigners who are willing to initiate/improve their studies in Spanish meanwhile they visit Pamplona and the running of the bulls. Enjoy San Fermin and improve your communicational skills this July with Iter45!

This is not a typical Spanish course, our Spanish Survival Kit course will give you the basic skills to obtain a basic level of Spanish so you can have a better San Fermin experience and survive the fiesta.

Learn doing, enjoying, trying, tasting and singing the idiom!

- Getting by: how to survive the fiesta
Gastro-options: the nice stuff
Incidents: how to avoid them and return home safe
Make advances: day by day you will feel the difference
Avoid to be swindled: not everything is fine in the fiesta
The bull and the fighter: main notions of the running of the bulls
-  How (not) to swear: feel like at home

3 hours a day, from 9th to 14, July, morning or afternoon classes.

More information: phone 948 233 804 / 693 404 907 or email You can also contact us using our web.

Learn Spanish in Pamplona and survive the Fiesta!
The basics and the spirit of San Fermin joined together in a single course to be hold this July in Pamplona.


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